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Customized Software Solutions


Our team is available to adapt each aspect to the reality of the end-user. Applying good software development practices and agile techniques, our programmers will be able to effectively offer the best solutions for the requirements proposed by you.

Strategic & Digital Transformation

We support your strategy for growth and digital transformation. We help you to identify requirements and needs in order to free you from obstacles and constraints. We were born and grew on the path of innovation and as such, we want your company to innovate with us.


Having vast backend knowledge, we will be able to create all the necessary infrastructure to connect your business to our services. We will be able to communicate with ERP or MES systems to better take advantage of your organization’s data.

User Experiences

We believe efficiency and design are central to any productivity software. We create experiences tailored to our customers’ tastes and needs and offer unique, responsive user experiences that will save you time to dedicate more to your business.

Personalized support

Like our software solutions, our customer relationships are unique and tailored to your needs. We create bespoke plans that include, but are not limited to remote assistance, e-learning, b-learning, on-site training and consulting.

Backup Service

We guarantee the security and preservation of your data under any circumstances. To this end, we offer local and cloud backup services with full guarantee of certification according to ISO 27001.


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Castelo Branco Delegation

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6000-767 Castelo Branco, Portugal

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