Main Module

Login integrated with Active Directory Domain Services (Microsoft)
Assignment of read or write permissions by collaborator or group of collaborators.

Commercial Module

Module that integrates a commercial workflow, namely a quotation to the customer that will give rise to a sales order and, finally, the workflow originates a Project Charter.

Project Planning and Monitoring Module

Module that integrates the different phases in accordance with good project management practices, namely:

  • Project Charter (continuation of commercial workflow);
  • Project subdivision into different levels of detail – Work breakdown structure;
  • Monthly progress record of projects – Progress Status Report;
  • Project budget planning and monitoring;

Project Charter

The planning and monitoring module starts with the project’s opening term, which is composed of a form that allows the commercial department and project manager to describe in detail all the information regarding the new project (detailed budget, planning of the phases of the project and milestones as the structural definition of the team).

Planning and Monitoring

The budgeting phase is very important in projects and to support it the Global Planner software offers a flexible tool that easily adapts to any type of project. It offers customization at an early stage, enabling the user to define schedules, work packages, work schedules and teams (Human Resources management). Given the complexity of managing multiple projects, the management software also allows for the management of human resources between projects so as to avoid conflicts and optimize synergies.

Reports Module

Module that integrates more than 15 accessible reports in different areas of the organization, based on data from the system itself as well as from systems integrated in business management. This module allows the visualization of information in the application, as well as export to PDF and Excel.

Software Management Module

The software management module offers those responsible for obtaining usage statistics, connection status and session summary. This module also includes automatic daily synchronization with ERP systems.

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